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Increase the Alcohol Excise Tax 25¢ Per Drink. Let Excessive Drinking Pay for Excessive Drinking Harms!

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When People Lead, Leaders Follow

Voters, Faith-Based Congregations & Civic Organizations are the voices politicians listen to when deciding policy. Make your voice heard by signing a Resolution affirming New Mexico needs to save lives and stop wasting money on excessive drinking by raising alcohol taxes 25¢ per drink. Click here to sign it. Civic groups, Congregations & Individuals can sign the Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money Resolution.
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Where Does Your Candidate Stand?

Upcoming State Elections

A New Poll Shows 76% of New Mexico Voters Support Raising Alcohol Taxes 25¢ a drink. At the same time NM is looking at a nearing $500 million budget shortfall which is why a special session is necessary.  to deal with a budget deficit. We have listed all the candidates up for election in the Fall and documented their stance on the proposal to increase the tax on alcoholic drinks by 25c. Use it to look up your local candidates.
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Educate Your Peers and Policy Makers

Knowledge is Power

Raising alcohol taxes is good public policy and good politics. But most people cringe when they hear the word “taxes.” Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money has worked with the nation’s top alcohol economists and UNM professors to model exactly how many lives increased alcohol taxes will save. Learn how a 25¢ per drink tax increase boosts our economy and saves cities and counties tax dollars from no longer have to pay as much to clean up after the harms caused by excessive drinking.
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Let excessivedrinking

pay for excessive drinkingharms

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Alcohol Taxes and Excessive Drinking Harms?

quiz headerHow much do you really know about alcohol taxes and excessive drinking harms? Take this 7 question quiz and find out.

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Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee Hearing –…

Selected Transcripts on SB314 to raise the Alcohol Excise Tax Opponents of an alcohol excise tax increase have threatened Senators. Sen. Michael Padilla: “I got calls at two in the morning . . . threatening me. Threatening me on this issue if I don’t vote against this bill.” “My family does not appr.......

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Organizations supporting increasing alcohol excise taxes 25¢ a drink in New Mexico:

Catron County Behavior Health

Catron County Grassroots Behavioral Health Group

Community Health Improvement Council for San Juan County

Díne Bà Hozhò Coalition (Shiprock)

Health Affiliates