Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee Hearing – February 20, 2017

Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee Hearing – February 20, 2017

Selected Transcripts on SB314 to raise the Alcohol Excise Tax

Opponents of an alcohol excise tax increase have threatened Senators.

Sen. Michael Padilla: “I got calls at two in the morning . . . threatening me. Threatening me on this issue if I don’t vote against this bill.”

“My family does not appreciate being threatened this way.”


“It’s my first time as a legislator that I felt threatened, and I didn’t like that one bit. You can call me and tell me whatever you want to tell me, but when it affects my family like that – uh nah.”

Sen. William Sharer: “If you want to fight, I’m damn ready to fight. And if you want to turn my vote wrong, you threaten my life or threaten my family.”

The Alcohol Industry is unwilling to compromise to negotiate a new excise tax rate.

Sen. Cisco McSorley, bill sponsor: “I’m open to discussion.”

Sen. Clemente Sanchez, Committee Chair: “What’s the industry think? Can you sit down with the Senator and work something out, and then we’ll bring this back?”

John Tompkins, Industry Lobbyist representing three distributors: “Mr. Chairman, I’d be reluctant to say yes to answer that.”

Jimmy Bates, Premier Distributing: “Do I think we’d be open to a tax increase, no.”

Micro Brewers Relationship to the Hospitality & Alcohol Industries

John Gozigian, Executive Director New Mexico Brewers Guild: “We appreciate the Senator [McSorley] reaching out to us and offering to raise this barrelage limit to carve out the breweries, but it overlooks the fact that we’re part of an ecosystem that includes restaurants, hoteliers, our partners in the distribution business, and grocers in New Mexico.

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Here’s the link for the full hearing:

click on webcast, then search for: Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee Monday, Feb. 20 4:50 PM

Action on SB314 starts at the 8:01:20 PM time mark

We’ve got a bill in the Senate!

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