Welcome to the launch of the Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money Website.

Welcome to the launch of the Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money Website.

You’re looking at the fruit from more than a year’s worth of effort by volunteer activists spanning New Mexico. We’re people and organizations concerned public health and wasting tax dollars to clean up after excessive drinking. North from Raton, Taos and Farmington to south from Demining, Las Cruces and Alamogordo, New Mexicans are making their voices heard on this website.

We’re tired of subsidizing drunk driving crashes and creating needless trauma in families by keeping the prices of alcohol artificially low!

Did you know the last time the alcohol excise tax was raised in New Mexico was more than 20 years ago? That’s like giving a tax break to the alcohol industry every year because of inflation. And it means that New Mexicans are unwittingly making it cheaper each year for the costs of excessive drinking to mount. Right now, whether you drink or not, New Mexican’s pay over $400 a year in state and local taxes to pay for the police, legal and medical costs created by the 19% of New Mexicans who drink excessively.

It’s not fair! It’s time we let excessive drinking pay for excessive drinking harms, by raising the alcohol excise tax 25¢ per drink.

All the data on this website has be thoroughly vetted by the nation’s top public health, tax economists & UNM professors. The report & fact sheets modeling the benefits New Mexicans will enjoy from passing a 25¢ per drink contain the latest data as collected by the Centers for Disease Control and the New Mexico Departments of Health and Taxation and Revenue.

Thanks for learning about this and sharing this information with your peers and the policy makers who represent you.

Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
Director, Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money

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