It is Good Policy

16.4% of all deaths in New Mexico are caused by excessive drinking.1

Raising alcohol taxes 25c per drink:

  • Saves 52 lives a year
  • Reduces underage drinking - 7,150 fewer youth drinking a year
  • Reduces Alcohol Dependence & Abuse by 12,375 cases a year
  • Reduces violence by 305 acts per year
  • Increase jobs by 2800 annually, even after accounting for job losses in the alcohol industry
  • Tax Fairness—The 49% of New Mexicans who don’t drink alcohol currently pay $400 a year in taxes to cover the extra police, ambulance, hospital, and court costs created by excessive drinking. Raising the Alcohol Excise Tax will shift part of this burden to those who drink

And it is Good Politics

  • Voters all across America, of both political parties, have overwhelmingly supported saving lives & money by raising Alcohol Excise Taxes
  • A significant percent of voters have stated they will cross party lines to vote for candidates who support raising Alcohol Excise Taxes
  • Raising Alcohol Excise Taxes 25¢ per drink in New Mexico will provide funds for:
    • Expanding alcohol prevention & treatment programs
    • Reimbursing cities and counties for the costs of alcohol-related harms
    • Continued health care coverage under the Medicaid expansion
1Excessive Drinking includes: 1) binge drinking—5 or more in a sitting by men, 4 or more by women, 2) heavy drinking—15 or more drinks per week by men, 8 or more for women, 3) drinking by pregnant women, 4) drinking by people under age 21.

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