Increase the Alcohol Excise Tax 25¢ per drink
Let excessive drinking pay for excessive drinking harms.

  • 49% of New Mexican’s don’t drink and won’t pay a cent.
  • Non-excessive2 drinkers, earning $75,000 per year or greater, will pay an average additional $11.52 per year.
  • Non-excessive2 drinkers, earning less than $25,000 per year, will pay an average additional $8.09 per year.

Cross-Border Sales Won’t Diminish the Effectiveness of
Increasing New Mexico’s Alcohol Excise Tax

state boarders

1Center for Disease Control’s 2011 Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System survey of adults aged 18 years and older.
2Excessive Drinking includes: 1) binge drinking—5 or more in a sitting by men, 4 or more by women, 2) heavy drinking—15 or more drinks per week by men, 8 or more for women, 3) drinking by pregnant women, 4) drinking by people under age 21.

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